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The Great Sale-off

For a few months, Animoz has been undergoing major changes: a new organization with a growing team, a project to move to a new location, the development of a new range of technical clothing …  

The brand is therefore taking a big turn and has decided to sell part of its inventory, at a reduced price, in order to finance its future projects.  


the great sale-19

Which products will be affected?

This operation involves non-renewed products from previous collections until the spring/summer 2020 collection: T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and shirts.  


Why are these products still on the site?

These products are from our first two large-scale collections. During the development of these collections, we misjudged the quantities to be produced and ended up with a large quantity of clothes to offer to our customers, some of which are still available. Aware of the impact of this mismanagement, we learned from our mistakes and adapted our internal functioning: limited quantities, pre-order system. 


How can such discounts be justified?

We have always been against large promotional operations between sales and have always provided reasoned discounts at the end of the collection. However, when certain items have been available on our site for too long, the economic imperative is imposed and we are obliged to proceed with an exceptional clearance sale.


How long will the clearance operation last?

The destocking operation will take place while stocks last.  


Additional information

Find all the products concerned by clicking here:

Animoz’s team : Maëva, Anaïs, Johan, Clément, Thibault, Corentin et Bastien  

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