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Our tips for taking care of your clothing!

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To keep your clothing in good condition for as long as possible, here are the instructions we invite you to follow :

1. Preparation before washing

Before washing, remove most of the dirt and rinse the product with water if it cannot be washed immediately. Indeed, perspiration attacks the fibers and can damage the clothes. In addition, it is recommended to turn the clothes inside out and close the zippers.

2. Washing: temperature, duration and spin speed

It is quite possible to machine wash your technical clothing. However, we recommend that you wash at a maximum of 30 degrees and with similar colours. It is also advisable to favor a low spin speed (from 400 to 800 revolutions per minute) and a short washing time. Indeed, the longer the clothes are wrung or washed, the more you risk exposing them to friction and therefore damaging them. Keep in mind that the most effective solution for clothes and their treatments to last longer is hand washing, which is much gentler.

3. Favor the Guppy Friend: it protects the garment and the planet

The Guppy Friend wash bag protects clothes and prevents microplastic fibers from entering rivers and oceans after washing synthetic textiles. When washing, broken fibers accumulate in the corners of the wash bag and can then be easily removed and discarded.

4. Use of an eco-responsible detergent

By favoring an eco-responsible detergent, you avoid chemicals that are harmful for clothes but also for the environment and your health. To choose well, there are labels that certify the natural or organic origin of detergents (Ecocert or Ecolabel labels for example).

5. Drying in the open air

Heat and friction damage the garment and can create pilling, so it is not recommended to put your clothes in the dryer. It is also preferable to avoid drying at excessive UV exposure, which would alter the colors.

However, the dryer can still be used to reactivate the water repellency of a product that has been washed many times. To do this, it is possible to wash the garment then dry it turned inside out and pockets closed at minimum temperature and for a short time (15 min).

6. Do not iron

Technical synthetic garments do not need to be ironed. In fact, they do not wrinkle. In addition, the use of the iron damages the garment and in particular the treatments applied to it.

In the case of a garment with holes, an exception will be made and the iron must be used for the application of an iron-on repair patch.

Remember that the most effective for clothes that last is to wash when necessary but not too often and to repair, rather than throwing away!

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