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Fashion Revolution Week 2021 – Focus on our clothing factories

This year, we are participating for the second time in Fashion Revolution Week. This event aims to raise awareness about the issues of the fashion industry in order to make it better. The initiative was born out of widespread awareness after the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory, which killed 1,138 people and injured many more on April 24, 2013, in Bangladesh.

For the occasion, we wanted to focus on the working conditions in our garment factories and highlight the people through whom our projects can come to reality.

Our clothing supplier in Dongguan

The collaboration with this supplier located in Dongguan, in the very south of China, began in 2019, when we incorporated ethical and ecological criteria into our brand model. We first chose them for their professionalism and commitment to fair working conditions for employees, through the SA8000 standard.  

Two years later, we continue to evolve with them and improve our practices. Indeed, our supplier has obtained the GOTS certification for its garment factory as well as its printing factory, demonstrating a willingness to go further in its eco-responsible and social commitment.  

Xu Yufang works as a seamstress on the GOTS production line of our partner factory.  

The GOTS guarantee ensures the respect of strict ecological and social criteria within the audited and certified factories. In the specific case of our clothing supplier, it is the production chain (assembly, quality control and packaging) as well as the printing that are guaranteed to be ecologically and socially responsible (prohibition of environmentally harmful treatments and inks, health and safety policy for workers, control of overtime and remuneration, anti-discrimination policies etc.).

Our jacket supplier in ZhangJiaGang

We have been working with our jacket supplier located in ZhangJiaGang, on the east coast of China, since 2020. Selected on social criteria (SA8000 standard) and for the quality of their work, they make our summer and winter jackets.  

More precisely, it is the factory’s workers who make our clothes and allow our designs to become concrete products. One of them is called Lu, who helps make our prototypes so that the styles can be validated before production. This is a delicate step that requires a good understanding of our request in order to transcribe it as faithfully as possible.   

After receiving this photo, we asked our contact in China to tell us more about Lu :

“We are very pleased to introduce Lu, who has been in charge of sample manufacturing in our factory for over ten years. 

Lu is skilled in using a variety of sewing machines and has over 20 years of experience in making different types of garments. If we have any questions about the construction of a product, she will always give us good advice.  

She is very reliable and conscientious in her work. Whatever the garments she imagines, she makes them with care. 

Lu is also a kind person who likes to share interesting stories with us in life. She has an adorable granddaughter whose pictures she often shares. She always smiles when we see her. 

We are very happy to present it to you, I hope you like it too!”

We hope you have enjoyed discovering more about our clothing and jacket suppliers, as we continue our efforts to develop our environmental and social commitments on a daily basis. New projects will be unveiled soon!  

And don’t forget, you too can participate in Fashion Revolution Week 2021! 

Animoz  team: Maëva, Anaïs, Piel, Nathan, Johan et Bastien  

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