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Alex Rudeau

alex rudeau portrait avec une veste et un bonnet animoz

Alex Rudeau

Year of birth: 1996

Hometown : Mauves

Homespot : Super-Besse

Best trick : blackflip et 360

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The Animoz Alex

I started cycling at a very young age and then I turned to trial cycling at the age of 7.
I did it for 16 years, including 7 years at a high level. From French champion 20” (bike category) to world champion by team and a bronze medal at the European elite championships, I wanted a change and renewal.
That’s how I started enduro mountain biking in 2018 by doing some races.
Then in 2019, I did the whole season, where I won the senior French cup and made a top 15 in world series. This allowed me to integrate the COMMENCAL enduro team for 2020.

What is your best riding memory?

There are many…
But I will say the final of the French cup in Loudenvielle in 2019. The title was at stake on this round and it was really tight until the last stage so it was cool!

Why did you accept to join the Animoz Family?

It is a brand committed to the planet and that’s cool! Whether it is for the respect of the environment with new materials used such as hemp or the support brought to the animal cause, it is just the top!
And on top of that, the clothes are stylish and pleasant to wear.

Do you have any actions that are important to you to support the animal cause?

I don’t know if you can call it action, but where I live, it’s in the middle of nowhere and my compost is freely available for rabbits, hares, wild boars, deer or any other animal that would like to enjoy it!
I also have a birdhouse with crumbs and some seeds.
And I have a cat that I cuddle as often as possible, it is so soothing and relaxing.


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