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Donation Respect Animals December 2023 : SOS ANIMAUX LE BROC Association

As part of our Respect Animals program, in December 2023 we donated a donation of 500 euros to the Auvergne association SOS ANIMAUX LE BROC.

The latter is a shelter for dogs and cats located 8 km south of Issoire (63). Since 1993, they have taken in and found a family for animals abandoned, found wandering or removed from their owners due to neglect or mistreatment. They also act as a pound for around a hundred municipalities in the department, that is to say that dogs and cats found stray are brought to them, they put them in safety, treat them, publish a wanted notice and at the end of the legal so-called impound period, they enter the adoption process. Their refuge is an association under the 1901 law, recognized as being of public utility. They bring together more than 300 members. Management is provided by an Office of 5 people assisted by a team of volunteers, all very committed to protecting animal welfare.

Interview with Brigitte BARSBY, President of SOS Animaux Le Broc

Do you also want to act alongside us? You can help us in several ways:

1. Become a volunteer: we always welcome goodwill. Among our most urgent needs: taking our animals for veterinary visits, ensuring availability on Sundays and public holidays (in a team with experienced volunteers), running stands during our events and related logistics, DIY, gardening, etc. There is no shortage of tasks!

2. Make a donation: our resources are extremely limited and come mainly from donations and memberships. All donations are welcome, even the most modest. You can send your check payable to SOS Animaux le Broc to the address: SOS Animaux Le Broc – BP 168 – 63504 Issoire cedex. Please note that if you are taxable, your donation is deductible at 66% of your tax. For example, a donation of €10 actually costs you €3.60 (a tax receipt is sent to you by the shelter).

You can make a donation via Helloasso. Born in 2009, HelloAsso is an online donation platform for associations like ours. You can give once or every month from 2 euros. Find us here:


3. Lilo: Download the solidarity search engine and donate your drops to SOS Animaux Le Broc https://www.lilo.org/sos-animals-le-broc-63/

4. Bequests, life insurance: our association may be the beneficiary of bequests or life insurance, do not hesitate to contact your notary who will present the possible options to you and tell you what to do.

5. Follow us on our social networks, comment, like and share our publications to raise awareness of the shelter: Facebook-Instagram

This year we have experienced a large number of dog abandonments, which go beyond the critical summer vacation period. The shelter is saturated. Kittens arrive in increasing numbers, often infested with parasites, suffering from coryza, affected by epidemics, or with significant fractures. Veterinary costs are our number one expense item. But we care for them without ever counting, our role is to save them all and find a family for each of them.

We hope to welcome you to the shelter among our volunteers, or count you among our donors.

Get involved with us!

Thank you all. Thanks for them.

Practical information :

Visit their site, find their dogs and cats up for adoption

Visit them: SOS Animaux Le Broc – La Prade – RD 726 – 63500 Le Broc

sosanimalslebroc@gmail.com | 04 73 71 62 43 – 06 13 28 08 95

Opening hours to the public: 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays). Mornings are reserved for feeding, cleaning boxes and catteries and care.

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