Antonin Honoré

Year of birth : 1996

Hometown : Millau

Homespot : Maxilly Trail 

Best trick : 720 cork

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The Animoz Antonin

Bicycle instructor, carpenter and world competition rider, Antonin juggles these three activities in his life. A nice balance of life that allows him to do what he is passionate about. 

What is your best riding memory?

“My first session at “Ridekore” (legendary spot) when I was 12!”

Why did you accept to join the Animoz Family?

“Animals represent life for me, Animoz is a whole concept based on life and respect for animals. I appreciate these values, defending animals is a great cause! That’s why I accepted to join the Animoz Family. Wear the Animoz brand and contribute to the Animal cause at the same time.”

Do you have any actions that are important to you to support the animal cause?

“I take care of every animal I meet, I sometimes help birds or other animals when they are in danger. After that there are much bigger animal causes to defend and for that I support the Animoz brand!”


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